Our rates: Digital marketing available to everyone

Why can digital marketing only be within the reach of a few if the world revolves around the internet?

At Seomaniak we look for a digital marketing strategy suitable for any budget. We help self-employed workers, SMEs and large companies grow. Our goal is to provide personalized and special treatment, to fit all sectors and drive them to success.

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At Seomaniak we have two things clear :

Each client is unique and different. You know why? Because no two businesses are the same. Each company has its own identity, its profile and its customer target. At Seomaniak we seek to understand the particularities of each business within its sector, in order to give it a different light compared to its competition.

Our goal is to find a balance between: design-functionality and identity. We will thoroughly work on all your strengths to make you stand out.

And another thing that we are clear about is that we live in: the CENTURY OF COMMUNICATION. Every business must have a part within the online world and that is what our agency is for. Why can it only be available to a few, if the Internet is available to everyone?

We want to be the link between your company and those future clients who do not yet know you. Get your business to a large number of people. Contact us!

At Seomaniak we are committed to taking you fully into the world of digital marketing


At Seomaniak we are aware that not everyone has to be familiar with the digital world. Our team of professionals adapts to the client's knowledge, so that there is no doubt left in their minds.

Full audit

You will receive a complete audit, with a complete analysis and study of your website or blog and its environment.

Weaknesses and strengths

We will carry out a study in which you will see what strengths and weaknesses your company has online. And how to improve them so that you invest really well and with effective results.

Digital Marketing Prices

And as a PLUS, if you subsequently hire one of our web or maintenance services we will deduct the €150.00 you have invested.

What are you waiting for ?

Adapt a good digital marketing strategy and increase your sales.
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