How to position your website organically with SEO?

How to position your website organically with SEO?
Obtaining visibility in search engines is crucial for any digital project. And at SeoManiak we have everything you need.

Is your website not appearing in the top positions? We have the solution. Does your page need SEO optimization in loading speed, weight, accessibility and more? Don’t worry, we will also help you with this and much more.


For just 50 euros, you can get an in-depth SEO audit of your website. It will help you make the relevant decisions to be able to strengthen, improve and enhance your website until it reaches the top positions in search engines.

We are in charge of analyzing all the important aspects of SEO, such as: Off Page SEO, On Page SEO, reach and accessibility. And along with this, we will do an exhaustive analysis of your business environment, to see where the competition is and how to overcome it.

Through this report you will have a 360º view of your sector.

Surrounding analysis

We will provide you with a detailed report of your business environment. Along with a dossier, which has all the improvements that can be applied to your website, and the results that you will obtain if we carry them out.


Digitalization is currently not an option, it is a necessity. Therefore, we adapt to all budgets, since any improvement can make a big difference. We want to offer you a budget adapted to you and the size of your project.


Let us guide you with organic positioning. We will fight to increase visits to your website and with our management model, we will be able to convert those visits into customers. We will make your website rank in the “TOP 10” of Google and other search engines. And together we will ensure that your company begins to “exist” on the Internet.

Social networks

We manage your social networks. We will create your profiles on the different platforms that best suit your activity. We will design unique content in the form of images or videos, and we will accompany it with eye-catching and persuasive texts that will spark interest in your brand. In this way, we will create a brand image that remains in the consumer's mind.

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One-time payment

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One-time payment

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