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What is copywriting

It is advertising writing, also called persuasive writing, and is closely connected to the development of creative ideas that will give rise to strategies, campaigns and advertising pieces. Without copywriting, marketing is an empty message. Our copywriters are editors specialized in this type of texts and content.
We start from two essential principles:


Originality and quality

The content generated by the copywriter must be original and provide value. They must be carried out taking into account the product or service and the brand, but also the audience and the target, in order to offer the content that will attract the client.


Commercial vocation

Let’s not fool ourselves: we are here to sell. The copywriter cannot lose sight of this reality when guiding his content, nor forget that each product and service is different and has its own requirements.


What does copywriting bring to your business?

Creative content is the essence of any advertising campaign, but it is also essential to define your image to users. This is true both online and offline, but in the digital world it is much more evident, since content is your main way, and sometimes the only way, to interact with your target audience.


Your brand image

From your brand slogan to your communication strategy, through your relationship with your audience, copywriters help you profile your message towards the general audience and your target audience to take them where you want.


Your showcase

On the Internet, your website is the showcase of your business. But the online buyer does not behave the same as the in-person buyer: he is more informed and is exposed to a huge offer… He needs captivating descriptions.


Your commercial agent

In the digital world, copywriters are your commercial agents. They present your products and services to your clients, they know how to show them their best qualities and be convincing when it is needed.

Copywriting profesional, Qué es un copywriter

Because writing an article for a neighborhood jewelry store with artisanal work is not the same as writing an article for a multi-brand jewelry store. They have different needs and targets.


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